SeaDEX is the gateway into the DeFi ecosystem, A suite of next-gen Decentralized Applications focused on the Southeast Asia crypto market. SEAX is the native token of the SeaDEX platform that will function as a utility token.
SeaDEX Distribution Token
Ticker: $SEAX Token Standard: BEP20 Type of Token: Utility Token Total Token: 270,000,000 IDO Price: $0,00635 Listing Price: $0,009 Contract address: 0xaC2b250C1618DAF5fa87E614E87200456E2f7BCf
Allocations Distribution
Allocation Distribution
The public had a 35% allocation from GPOOL’s IDO that was distributed as follows:
  • Vesting Schedule: 3 Months — 33.3% TGE, 33.3% on December 22nd, 2022, and 33.3% on January 22nd, 2022 (COMPLETED)
  • Marketing and community incentives will receive 25% allocation, where 15% will go to marketing and 10% to community incentives. This allocation has been 15% locked, you can check it here, and 10% is still unlocked for the marketing activities and incentivizes the community.
  • There’s also a treasury of 10% for buyback, bounty rewards, and other platform development activities, including DAO. Last, the team and advisor will receive allocations of 5% each. 8.18345% of treasury and allocations for team and advisor will be locked.